Technology has advanced so much over the past few months particularly for  Mobile phone users. Sophisticated software now exists that allow users to track the activity of any mobile phone. Currently being promoted as an application for monitoring errant employees, cheating spouses and wayward teens, mobile tracking software (often called 'spy') is so good that you can (with your online account) monitor all calls, text messages, emails and online activity; and you can even monitor the real-time location of the mobile phone.But here's the kicker, all this activity is undetected by the mobile phone user!

Mobile phones are no longer the secure means of private, person to person communication we naively thought it was. In the current era of sophisticated technology and advanced communications, software now exists that allow a third party to eavesdrop on your private chats, access and read your text messages and even trace the location of your mobile phone. Furthermore, the sophisticated mobile tracking software allows a third party to download phone numbers registered in your mobile as well as any erased text messages; all this can be done without any traceable detection. Have I got your attention?

Many consumers are now using the popular application; many are learning how to spy on mobile phones. More recently, however,  the application could be used to track down and locate the where abouts of loved one's trapped in collapsed buildings as was the case in the recent (22 Feb 2011) violent earthquake that rocked the city of Christchurch NZ. If you are interested in how this application can help you, click through for more information and learn how to track down your family in an emergency.